If you would like to contact the Western Culture Conservancy, we'd love to hear from you!

Send us an email -

Note : We've had a couple of visitors telling us our domain email address is rejecting mail, so we've switched for now to our gmail account.  We apologize to anybody who has had a problem contacting us.  Sorry about that!

Or drop us a line at -

Western Culture Conservancy
PO Box 1407

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  2. Hi I work at GPAA and a member reached out to me that he mailed in a check for $50 and has not heard from anyone could you please send me the contact person so he can reach out to the appropriate person.

  3. This was for the Raffle he has not received any tickets

    1. Hi, Adriana,

      The tickets go into the drawing - they are not sent to the buyer. Not sure why somebody would query you on this - they didn't contact us!

      The first drawing was held on 2nd December, 2016 - here's the video of the drawing -

      And remember, there's still time to win - the second drawing is in June 2017 and all tickets already purchased go forward to the next drawing.

      Hope that helps!

      Just as an aside, if anybody has a query about anything regarding the conservancy or the Galice Mining District (or anything else, for that matter!) please contact us directly at the address or email above.

  4. any info on the 12-2-16 drawing?....

    1. Elkslayer,

      Here's the link to the first drawing of the raffle that was held at the Galice Mining District's December meeting (12/2/2016) -

  5. how do we know if our tickets were submitted? The listed email doesn't work and there is no response to the facebook messages either.

    1. Amy,

      If you bought tickets they will be automatically entered into the drawing. Not sure why the email wouldn't work - it's fine on our end. Our Facebook Admin has contacted you already, I believe.

      The final drawing is tonight at the Galice and Waldo Mining Districts Monthly Meeting. Good luck in the draw!